About Us

Elite Skate Wear was founded in 2011 by a competitive figure skater, who was always drawn to the artistic and musicality aspect of the dress worn by the skater. 

As a competitive figure skater, performer, and coach, I understand the importance of looking and feeling like an Elite Competitive Skater, and the custom dress has the ability to pull this overall package together. We offer various styles that reflect a consistent vision of Elite Skate Wear, ranging from affordable practice/test dresses, in-stock ready to wear dresses, and exquisite custom made-to-fit competition dresses.

Our dresses and designs have been worn by International level figure skaters worldwide, with many competing on the Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix circuit, as seen in the video below.

We strive to create innovative and Elite-styled dresses to contribute to the overall experience and confident look of each skater. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to working with you to create a beautiful costume.

- Elite Skate Wear Team